The Best Milkshake You'll Ever Have Is In Someone's Kitchen In Miami

On any given day, I can scroll through my Instagram feed and find several photos of "trendy" food. 

Just today I saw a smoothie bowl with slang words spelled out in chia seeds, a gourmet donut carefully placed on top of an ice coffee to-go cup and a cone of tie-dye ice cream so massive that it took two hands to keep it from spilling everywhere. 


While I'm sure most of these modern day delicacies taste just fine, I for one prefer the classics. No mermaids or unicorns, just some good old raw cookie dough and a spoon. 

That's why the subtle charm and classic desserts featured at Vicky's House in Miami so easily won over my parents and I. It was the only activity of the weekend that had them stay out past 10 p.m. 

Nestled on a corner after a string of restaurants that were way too fancy for the old Keds I was wearing, Vicky's House is about the size of most small kitchens. The feeling of literally being at your grandma's house is unmatched by anywhere you'll ever go — except your actual grandma's house. 

As it turns out, Vicky's House was inspired by the mom of owner Matt Kuscher of Kush Hospitality, a restaurant group behind other Miami food hits such as LoKal, Kush, Miami Brew Bus and The Spillover. 

And yes, her name is Vicky. 

Like most moms — or at least mine — Vicky didn't throw anything away, so Matt was able to basically duplicate his mother's entire kitchen. Everything from the linoleum floor to the spice rack my dad wanted to pose with because it looked just like one that was hanging at his mother's house. 


Vintage decorations and a fridge full of beer painted with family photos and report cards sets you back a few eras. Back to when food didn't need to be worthy of a photo to be worthy to eat. 

Sure, you can get yourself a fancy specialty milkshake to Instagram. And because they're all named after popular 80s movies and TV shows — such as "E.T. Goes To The Movies to watch The Goonies," and "Golden Girls" — your caption will pretty much write itself. 

But their ice cream scoops, ice cream sandwiches, ice cream floats and plain milkshakes are just as good and Insta-worthy. My mom and I split a chocolate milkshake that tasted like perfection and lasted about four and a half minutes. 

The only downfall of Vicky's is the same conflict you struggled with during your family's annual Christmas party. When more than 15 people start to make themselves at home, that coziness can become a little suffocating. Especially seeing as there are only 12 seats at the bar.

giphy (1).gif

But the yummy treats are well worth the crowd. 

Oh, and did I mention they have a popcorn machine with free popcorn? Any place with free popcorn is a place worth visiting in my book.