\\ Emily Blackwood //

Lifestyle Writer, Storyteller & Content Strategist

Other unofficial titles include, but are not limited to: cat wrangler, lifestyle guinea pig, Starbucks squatter, candid photographer, dog fashion show judge, humor columnist, and tastemaker. 


My name is Emily, and I create content that tells compelling stories, drives traffic and occasionally inspires someone to get a fake tattoo. 

For the past seven years, I've dipped my toes in community journalism, business writing, pop culture news, lifestyle reporting, travel blogging and branded articles— all while creating SEO superstars along the way. Coming up with new ideas for brands and businesses and turning them into major page views (and major dollar bills) is kind of my jam. 


So, why hire me? 

  • I have a knack for finding the types of stories your customers and readers want to see. Whether it's highlighting how a product seriously improved someone's life, uncovering the inspiring story behind why a CEO first started their business, or providing helpful tips for navigating through this crazy world, I got you. 

  • And I know how to get your message out there. My articles average nearly 40,000 pages views and uniques, with my current No. 1 piece ranking over 333K. And I've had not one, but two articles of mine discussed on "The View."

People want to feel connected to the people behind the screen they're doing business with. And I can get you there. 

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Throughout her time at Glamping Hub, Ms. Blackwood has demonstrated excellent skills in her copywriting and communication. It is rare to find the need to edit her content for mistakes in either the copy itself or its uploading to our back-end software. Aside from the quality of her work, Ms. Blackwood has also displayed extreme diligence and timekeeping skills. Despite being located in a separate country from Glamping Hub’s offices in Seville, Spain, Ms. Blackwood has always comfortably reached her deadlines, which involve the submission of a large amount of content on a monthly basis.
— Elizabeth Young, Glamping Hub